Greatest NHL Playoff Overtime Thrillers of All Time

Greatest NHL Playoff Overtime Thrillers of All Time

In today's article, we'll explore some of the most iconic NHL playoff overtime thrillers ever witnessed. Everyone has their favorite NHL playoff moment, but certain games stand out in history. These are the matches that not only captivated audiences but also etched their names in the annals of the sport. 

The National Hockey League has seen countless overtime games since its inception, but only a few have achieved legendary status. Join us as we journey through the most exhilarating and historically significant NHL playoff overtime thrillers.

Why are the NHL playoffs held?

Playoff overtime games are a thrilling aspect of competitive sports. When two teams are evenly matched, and neither can secure a victory in regular time, a playoff overtime game is played to determine the winner. This format ensures that one team eventually gets a decisive opportunity to claim victory. In the NHL, playoff overtimes are particularly electrifying, often surpassing the intensity of regular matches. Today, we'll delve deeper into some of the most unforgettable and historic NHL playoff overtime moments.

9 Best NHL Playoff Overtime Thrillers

Easter Epic Thrilers

Best NHL Playoff overtime and history-making game in overtime thrillers, East Epic Thrillers finds its place.  When was the Easter Epic Playoff inaugurated, and Stanley Cup Playoffs took place in the National Hockey League's ice hockey games, and that too in two famous places like New York and Washington Capitals? This is the best NHL playoff overtime thriller to make their Place in History in Golden Words. This playoff is known for its world-famous Easter Epic in 1987.

This playoff game got its amazing name because the game was inaugurated on Saturday evening, but it was played till Sunday morning. Epic the Level is considered the longest, most enthusiastic, and entertainment-filled game in the EPIC Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Bobby Orr's flying goal

Bobby Orr, who brought his name to the best category in Best NHL playoff overtime thrillers, still enjoys this wonderful moment with utmost joy and entertainment in those few important days. It is also remembered that he created history on March 10, 1970, when he flew through the air, and after that, he became known as the most famous player in the golden history of the National Hockey League.


April 24, 1993, is famous in history as the Day in the NHL because, on this day, we got to see the most exciting playoff of the best NHL playoff overtime thrillers. Ray Ferreira scored his third overtime goal in every round in this fantastic playoff, and it was the first of three games that he got in the semi-finals of New York Islander Nezo's 3.1 leading scores.

He played  28 total playoff thrillers in the 1993 playoffs. Won all the playoffs among the 50 regular season games played in the playoffs. And this day's game is still etched in the hearts and minds of fans as a very memorable moment. The day he won with the best goal, buffalo named it 'MAYDAY’' to make it fun. It was a pretty iconic moment in NHL playoff overtime.

Vegas Golden Knights VS Kraken 

Vegas Golden Knights Team Leaders Known for leading overtime playoffs play held on 17 April. The season of this playoff started in 2020. Vegas Golden Knights achieved their victory against cricket in the final game. This playoff with the most overtime was played on Monday, 17 April, and the season of this playoff started in 2020. 

Kevin Bieksa VS Phoenix Coyotes 

Kevin is best known for his 22 National Hockey League playoff overtime thrillers. He made his mark with his memorable goals and name in the National Hockey League.

Ron Francis

Ron is known as the greatest player to play in the overtime playoffs of the Western National Hockey League. His goal in this playoff has become the most memorable and historical moment of his career. Ron's goal scorer has always aimed to win the Stanley Cup. 

Ray Whitney

Talking about Ray, he played about 7 games in the overtime playoffs of the National Hockey League and achieved a decisive victory in this game by scoring the goal of the league.

Stars vs. Sharks 

Star vs Sharks is the longest-running playoff game in the story of Overtime Playoff. This Overtime game was started in 2008, and according to the information, it has been found that they have obtained two scores of stars and one score of Sharks. This is an overtime play-off game of Stars vs Sharks, played during the Western Conference semi-final round. Valentin Moro of the Thaqi team achieved an excellent win for the Stars, and the Sharks lost in a very shocking manner.

Panthers vs. Hurricanes

Panthers vs Hurricanes is the longest game in most other players' overtime games. Included in the list of thrillers. This playoff was inaugurated on the 18th of 2023. Matthew Tkachukgames course, they achieved victory in this player of overtime.

Blue Jackets vs. Lightning

The game of Best NHL playoff overtime thrillers Makes Blue Jackets vs Lightning. This is also considered a very long-lasting, attractive, and memorable game. The beginning of this game was also a history-making one. This game was inaugurated on 11 August 2020. In this playoff, the Lightning won by scoring three points, and the Blue Jackets secured their defeat by two points. The winner of this overtime playoff was Brayden Point. Jonas tried his best to help the Blue Jackets win, but he failed. In the end, Bridal Point won by 3.1.

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Q) What is the longest playoff day in NHL history? 

The longest game played was 176 minutes and 3 seconds with the Montreal Maroons. It was played in the NHL playoff overtime for 6 seasons.

Q) Who was the last team to win 5 Stanley Cups in a row?

The Montreal Canadiens accomplished something that no other franchise has been able to match – this dynasty won five consecutive Stanley Cup championships, first hoisting the Cup in 1956 and repeating each spring to 1960.

Q) Who has played the most HL playoff games without winning the Stanley Cup?  

Patrick Marleau has played the most playoff NHL games without winning any Stanley Cup. He has made history by playing almost 195 games without winning any Stanley Cup.