13 Top Footballs Teams in 2023

13 Top Footballs Teams in 2023

Football lovers eagerly await new match tournaments or updates on their favorite teams and players. If you are also surfing for the same, then stop here because you have landed on the right stop. 

10+ Best Football Teams in 2023

Here in this article, you will learn some interesting facts about top football teams. 

Tottenham Hotspur

Also known as the Lilywhites or Spurs, this football club is based in Tottenham in London. It is one of the best football teams. It was established in 1882, thus making its appearance before most of the football teams. 

Tottenham Hotspur » Squad 2022/2023

source - https://www.worldfootball.net/teams/tottenham-hotspur/2023/2/

In its emblem, you can see a cockerel standing on a football. And its motto is in Latin, meaning “to dare is to do ''. Throughout its journey, Tottenham has achieved various honors and titles. 

Manchester United

Its nicknames are Man United, the Red Devils, or sometimes even just United, and it originates in Greater Manchester. It was founded in the year 1878, and back then, it had a different name than today.

Manchester United F.C. - Wikipedia

This great team has earned 20 League titles and the UEFA Champions League.  The International Cup is also among them, to count a few. Manchester United has also won the FIFA Club World Cup and is among the world's top famous football clubs. 


Liverpool is better known for its rivalry with Manchester United and their heated matches. Football fans stick to their seats whenever these two teams are against each other. And some heat is felt in the stadiums. 

Liverpool F.C. - Wikipedia

It is based in North West England and was first met in 1894. We have seen very talented players like Ryan Giggs in this football club. Mohamed Salah is the top scorer for the team and a very well-talented football player.  

Manchester City

Another team from Greater Manchester is this that is also one of the fiercest rivals of Manchester United. It was first met in 1881 at St. Mark’s and has a total of 190 meetings till now. 

Surprisingly it has most of the wins against Manchester United and has the longest win streak of 8 games. Its top scorer is Wayne Rooney, and it went unbeatable for one complete year, 1991 to 2001. 

Manchester City F.C. - Wikipedia

In addition to these honors, Manchester City has won several other awards like FA Cup and Football League. 


Also popular as the Juve, this professional football club is based in Turin, Piedmont, Italy. It plays in top–tier national football matches and has competed for various international titles. 

Juventus Football Club - Official Website | Juventus.com

source - https://www.juventus.com/en/

It has played for UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League and is known for its other nicknames. They include Signora Omicidi, Vecchia Signora, Goeba and more. 

Atletico Madrid

Its full name is Club Atletico de Madrid, and well known as Atletico Madrid. But in the Spanish-speaking areas, it is called Atleti. It is another Spanish-origin professional football club that was established in the capital city of Madrid. Atletico competes in the La Liga matches, the top tier of Spanish football. 

Atlético Madrid - Wikipedia

With that, it also plays in other international tournaments like FIFA World Cup and UEFA Super Cup, and UEFA Champions League. 

Paris Saint Germain

Qatar Sports Investments owns this professional football club called PSG or Paris SG. This is based in Paris, France, and competes in the tier one league of French football. 

Paris Saint-Germain welcomes 1XBET as new regional partner | Paris Saint- GermainReal Madrid

Its full name is Real Madrid Club de Futbol, however popularly known as Real Madrid across the globe. It is a Spanish football club that originated in Madrid and was founded in 1902. 

Real Madrid has played in La Liga since 1929 and competed for other titles. They include UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cups, and FIFA World Cup. 

Real Madrid CF - Wikipedia

Its nicknames are Los Blancos, Los Vikingos, and Los Merengues. And very few people knew that its foundation name was Madrid Football Club, and then it changed its name. 

FC Barcelona 

Like Real Madrid, its full name is Futbol Club Barcelona, and FC Barcelona is the abbreviation by which it is world famous. It is also from Spain, originated in Barcelona, and took its name from the football club. Some of its nicknames are Barcelona or Blaugrana, and it was founded in the year 1899. 

Barcelona competes in the La Liga and other international leagues, including FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA Super Cup. 

FC Barcelona - Wikipedia


This professional football club has its roots in Fulham, West London, and was founded in 1905. It plays its home games at Stamford Bridge and is a top-tier football team playing in the Premier League. 

Chelsea has played for several titles like the Champions League, and is the only London club to win the title. In addition to this, it has won UEFA Championship League, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and other trophies. 

Chelsea F.C. - Wikipedia


One more bitter rivalry is between Arsenal and Manchester United, which have competed for many titles together. Every time they face off against each other, football lovers stare at the television screen enthusiastically. 

It met for the first time in 1894, and since then, it has met for 239 meetings. In 2008, its former player Lee Dixon commented about the long rivalry that cooled down significantly. 

Arsenal F.C. - Wikipedia

According to critics, this diminishing rivalry is the mushrooming of new football clubs. 

Inter Milan

Another top international football club is Football Club Internazionale Milano, the Internazionale or just Inter. Its current manager is Simone Inzaghi, and it is owned by Suning Holdings Group its current captain is Samir Handanovic. 

AC Milan 0-2 Inter Milan: Edin Dzeko and Henrikh Mkhitaryan strike in  Champions League semi-final first leg | Football News | Sky Sports

source - https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11945/12876217/ac-milan-0-2-inter-milan-edin-dzeko-and-henrikh-mkhitaryan-strike-in-champions-league-semi-final-first-leg

A.C. Milan 

Its Italian name is Associazione Calcio Milan, and it is referred to as A.C. Milan or just Milan. It was established in the year 1899 in Milan City, Italy. 

It has played for various national and international titles like FIFA World Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and Intercontinental. 

A.C. Milan - Wikipedia


In this guide, we have tapped some untouched topics about the top football teams that are popular all across the globe. These teams have made their name in the professional sport of football after facing various ups and downs throughout their journey. 

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