Beyond the Helmets: NFL Players' Unique Hobbies and Interests

Beyond the Helmets: NFL Players' Unique Hobbies and Interests

NFL players are known for being super skilled on the football field, but you might have not known that they have some pretty exciting and diverse hobbies and interests outside the field, too.

These hobbies of NFL players showcase their true identity. Also, a different side of these athletes reveals their unique interests and talents. In this article are some NFL players with unique passions and fun hobbies.

NFL Players' Unique Hobbies and Interests

Let's see some NFL players’ hobbies:

Larry Fitzgerald – Picture Pro

Larry Fitzgerald is a legendary wide receiver who plays for the Arizona Cardinals. He has a love for photography and is a fantastic photographer. He is not just good; he has some incredible skills and worked as a photojournalist. Larry takes stunning images of nature, travel, and sports events. He has also covered the Superbowl and some major sporting events.

When an NFL Superstar Photographs Your Family Portrait | PetaPixel

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Patrick Mahomes - Ketchup Connoisseur

Kansas City Chiefs’ star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, has a unique hobby: he is a ketchup enthusiast! Patrick puts ketchup on all sorts of meals, like mac ’n’ cheese and steak. He loves ketchup so much that he even partnered with a ketchup company. This quirky hobby of his made him famous in the food world. 

Russell Wilson - Giving Back Through Philanthropy

Russell Wilson is the Seattle Seahawk’s superstar quarterback. He’s not only into football but also deeply committed to philanthropy. Russell's kindness and dedication to help others off the field is inspiring. He and his wife, Ciara, started the “Why Not You Foundation” to make the kids better and empower them. They work on various initiatives, including health and education, to positively impact young lives.

Russell Wilson seemingly responds to charity investigation: 'We will always  care more about impact than credit'

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J.J. Watt - Charitable Efforts and Community Building

J.J. Watt, a famous defensive player for the team Houston Texans, is now with the Arizona Cardinals and is well known for his charitable works. After Hurricane Harvey, he initiated a big crowdfunding campaign in 2017. And collected nearly $41 million to help the people affected by the Hurricane. His dedication and care towards the community are beyond football, which makes him a beloved public figure both on and off the field.

Von Miller - Dancing Star

Von Miller is a tough linebacker for the Denver Broncos. He has some incredible dance moves and is a very good dancer. He surprised everyone with his agility and grace when he performed on the hit show "Dancing with the Stars" in 2015. This side of him and his love for dancing shows a different dimension of his personality.

Jarvis Landry - Fishing Fanatic

Jarvis Landry is a talented wide receiver who plays for the Cleveland Browns. He is passionate about fishing and often shares photos of himself doing adventures and fishing on his social media handles. He says fishing lets him relax from the high-pressure NFL environment and connect with nature. By fishing, he also enjoys the outdoors.

Chris Long - Adventure seeker

Chris Long is a retired defensive end. He has played for the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots. He loves to do adventures and also is into philanthropy. To raise awareness and funds for clean water projects in East Africa, he went on a journey called the “Waterboys Initiative”. In which he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Long's adventurous spirit and kindness have made a long-lasting impact.

Aaron Rodgers - Gardening Fan

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has a lesser-known passion for gardening. He enjoys gardening so much. You might find him looking after his gardens when he is not throwing touchdowns. This hobby of his gives a feeling of relaxation and a way to connect with nature.  Rodgers enjoys a peaceful break while gardening and adores life's simple pleasures.

Aaron Rodgers embraces New York sports scene at Rangers, Knicks games

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Chris Harris Jr. - Chess Grandmaster

Chirs Harris Jr. is a cornerback who has played for the Denver Broncos and the Los Angeles Chargers. Also, he is a chess expert. He is known for his strategic mind on the football field and applies the same thinking while playing chess. Harris has also participated in chess tournaments, showing off his skills to the world.

Carson Wentz - Outdoorsman and Hunting Enthusiast

Carson Wentz is a true outdoorsman. He loves hunting and spending time in nature during the off-season. He is a quarterback who played for the Philadelphia Eagles and is playing for the Indianapolis Colts. Staying in nature helps him to heal and take a break from the intense NFL season.


What hobbies do footballers have?

Different individuals have varying hobbies, such as adventure or fishing, and interests that reflect their personality traits.

What are some interesting hobbies & interests?

Different people have different mindsets, which leads to several hobbies and interests. You can love to listen to music, or you love to dance, or maybe you love traveling. It completely depends on the person what hobbies and interests he has.

Is talent necessary when enjoying a hobby?

It's not necessary to have talent to enjoy a hobby. It is for personal pleasure and not for display.

Why is the NFL so successful?

The league is home to hundreds of talented and interesting players. These players have interesting stories both on and off the field. Also, players have accomplishments, charitable contributions, and other interesting things that people love to watch, making the NFL a successful industry today.

Summing Up

These NFL players are fantastic in their respective positions on the field, but they are also awesome outside the field. From photography to helping kids, ketchup to chess, each player's hobby shows a different side of them and adds depth and personality to their profiles. Their unique talents remind us that NFL players are more than just athletes; they are individuals with a unique way of living and committed to improving the world. So, the next time you watch them play, remember there's much more to these players than just football! Also, you can watch every match of the NFL for free at TotalSportek.