The NBAs’ Best Rivalries: Lakers vs. Celtics, Bulls vs. Pistons, and More

The NBAs’ Best Rivalries: Lakers vs. Celtics, Bulls vs. Pistons, and More

Do you know what excites the sports audience most? Well, when two strong teams confront each other, and it is hard to decide which team will win, is a really exciting feeling.

Connected to this emotion are the rivalries that start and carry forward between two strong teams that play to win one trophy. Here we will talk about some best rivalries in NBA matches that still excite the audience. TotalSportek Alternatives are useful in this regard.

Chicago Bulls vs. Detroit Pistons

The rivalry between these two teams started in the era between the late 1980s and early 1990s at the time of the Eastern Conference. In the early years, Pistons adopted an aggressive gaming policy and successfully defeated the Bulls.

This was known as the "Jordan Rules," Pistons won 5 matches in 1988 and 6 matches the next year.

The upcoming matches to this rivalry were very clear, and in 1991 Bulls finally started winning matches.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

These two teams are among the strongest in the entire NBA history. Therefore a rivalry between them was inevitable.

These teams have confronted each other almost 12 times in the NBA finals, and those matches were termed classics. Because of their moves and skills, both teams have made these matches breathtaking and exciting.

Moreover, apart from these two teams, no other teams have fought like this frequently to win a championship. Talking about their winning matches, the Boston Celtics won the first 8 NBA final championships and the Lakers won the last 4 times.

They played their first match in 1959 and in that match, Celtics won. Since then, their rivalry has continued to this day. However because of this rivalry both teams have emerged as strong teams in NBA matches.


New York Knicks vs. Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls were a very strong team in the last decades of the 19th century and had many rivalries. Apart from Detroit Pistons, they have a rivalry with New York Knicks too among others.

Between 1989 and 1995 they had a total of 6 encounters, and the Bulls won five times in them. The New York Knicks won only one watch in the year 1994. Although the New York Knicks were a weak team in front of the Bulls they never confronted this and remained firm on their position. 

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Boston Celtics

This rivalry started in 1964 and became evident the next year. In the upcoming 7 games, they fought vigorously. There were many more games when their hostility towards each other was clearly seen.

These teams have winning matches turn by turn displaying the strength of both teams and their player's skills.



These rivalries sound thrilling, right? Well, it is even more exciting to watch the matches between rival teams.

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