The Top 10 Moments In Football History

The Top 10 Moments In Football History

Football is one of the world’s most popular sports. One reason behind this craziness is the incredible moments in football history that almost took the audience's breath away.

If you want to know such history-making episodes, then you are at the right place. Here you will learn about top moments in football history and how to watch football matches on TotalSportek Alternatives.

“The Catch”

This scene is from the 1980s era when in 1982 San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys were playing in an NFC Championship. In the last 58 seconds, the San Francisco 49ers made a dynamic catch that sent them to the Super Bowl.

Farewell Candlestick: The Catch

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The Helmet Catch

This catch was a splendid move in the Super Bowl XLII match where the New York Giants were playing against the New England Patriots. Eli Manning was the one behind this ‘helmet catch,’ and David Tyree was also with him.                                                                     

The Immaculate Reception

It was in 1972 when the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders were playing against each other in a Divisional Round game.

In the game, Terry Bradshaw passed the ball to Faqua, who bounced it, but Franco Harris took the shot and made history.

Music City Miracle

This rare move was seen in a match between Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans. In the year 2000, they were playing in a wild-card round.

Frank Wycheck and Kevin Dyson have a dual companionship, made a winning goal, and led their team to victory.

Santonio Holmes Super Bowl-winning Catch

In the Super Bowl XLII match, the audience witnessed this superb catch when the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals were against each other.

Because of this episode, even now, that Super Bowl match stands out as the most exciting match of all time. Santonio Holmes created this historical episode and made his team win the match.

The Philly Special

In Super Bowl LII, one team used the trick "Philly Special" with a direct snap in a game between the New England Patriots and Eagles.

Malcolm Butler’s Interception

This is one of the greatest moves and most controversial in Super Bowl Matches. The match was between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots.

In the match, Malcolm from the Patriots made moves that changed the game and led his team to victory. 

Malcolm Butler's Super Bowl XLIX interception named 5th-best play in NFL  history

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Wide Right

In the game, Stock Norwood from Buffalo Bills made a history-breaking move by kicking the wide right move. Although the team didn't win any match till now, this move became a legendary move.

One Yard Short

In 2000 when the Log Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans were playing in Super Bowl XXXIV, both teams were looking for their winning shot. To win the game Mike Jones made a one-yard short and created history. 

The Minneapolis Miracle

This scene was from the Divisional Round game in 2018 when the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints were playing against each other.

In the game, Marcus Williams from the Saints team made a remarkable move and won the honor. 


Although above mentioned are some of the legendary moments in the history of football, they are not all. With time there will be many more path-breaking moments in football history.

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