Top Scorers of the 2023 Women's World Cup: The Golden Boot Race

Top Scorers of the 2023 Women's World Cup: The Golden Boot Race

Step into the exciting world of the 2023 Women's World Cup, where soccer enthusiasts were treated to an unforgettable display of talent and competition. This article highlights Spain's triumph, the intensity of the final match, and the remarkable statistics of goals scored during the tournament. Explore the top scorers who left their mark on the global stage.

This article summarizes the Women's World Cup 2023, focusing on Spain's victory, the thrilling final match and the statistic of 164 goals scored throughout the tournament.

Spain beat England 1-0 to become Women's World Cup champions | Financial  Times


Discover the journey of Spain's championship win, the heart-pounding showdown, and the standout players who dominated the scoreboards. Get a comprehensive overview of the tournament's highlights and relive the moments that made this Women's World Cup an exceptional event.

Hinata Miyazawa: The Golden Boot Winner

The competition saw a mix of upsets, surprises, and exceptional performances, and amidst it all, one player stood out as the top goal scorer. Despite Japan's quarterfinal exit against Sweden, Hinata Miyazawa emerged as the top scorer, rightfully securing the prestigious Golden Boot award.

Miyazawa's feat was impressive, scoring 5 goals during the World Cup. Her consistency shone brightly, with four of those goals coming in Japan's initial three matches and another in the round of 16. 

This remarkable feat positioned her as the frontrunner for the Golden Boot throughout the group stage and beyond, unmatchable by others.

The Contenders and Their Impact

Hinata Miyazawa's triumph wasn't without its challenges, as several players showcased their goal-scoring prowess throughout the competition. 

Four players, Alexandra Popp (Germany), Kadidiatou Diani (France), Amanda Ilestedt (Sweden) and Jill Roord (Netherlands), each scored 4 goals. These players consistently posed a threat to opposing defenses, contributing significantly to their teams' journeys in the tournament.

As the competition unfolded, 13 players concluded their campaigns with three goals a piece. 

Included in this group were prominent figures such as Lauren Hemp, Lauren James, and Alessia Russo, representing England. Similarly, Aitana Bonmatí, Jennifer Hermoso, Alba Redondo, and Olga Carmona, hailing from Spain, were also part of this category.

Interestingly, Carmona's third goal held immense significance, as it was the match-winner for Spain in the grand final against England.

The Golden Boot Race: Beyond Goals

While the race for the Golden Boot focused primarily on goal-scoring prowess, another intriguing competition unfolded on the assist table. Lauren James, Kadidiatou Diani, and Mina Tanaka all concluded the World Cup with an equal number of 3 assists each. 

Lauren James delighted to 'carve out' her name with superb displays at  World Cup | The Independent


This underscores the tournament's complexity, as players aim to score and crucially assist teammates for triumph.

Golden Boot Award Determination

The Golden Boot goes to the top scorer. In case of a tie, tiebreakers are employed for a clear winner.

If two or more players share the same number of goals, the player with the most assists is awarded the Golden Boot. 

If tiebreakers aren't enough, the award shifts to the player with the least field time, resulting in the highest goals-per-minute ratio. Notably, goals scored during penalty shootouts do not contribute to a player's total tally.

Women's World Cup Golden Boot: A Historical Perspective

Inaugural Recognition - 1991 China Edition

The Women's World Cup Golden Boot journey began in 1991 during the inaugural tournament held in China. USWNT's forward Michelle Akers made history by scoring an impressive ten goals. This record remains the highest tally achieved in a Women's World Cup.

2019 Triumph and Rapinoe's Reign

Fast forward to the 2019 Women's World Cup in France, where Megan Rapinoe of the United States claimed the coveted Golden Boot. She secured this honor by netting six goals, propelling her team to victory. 

Interestingly, her teammate Alex Morgan also netted six goals and matched Rapinoe's three assists. Ultimately, Rapinoe clinched the award due to less time spent on the pitch, with 428 minutes compared to Morgan's 490.

Rapinoe's win furthered the US legacy, aligning with Brazil and Germany, where players clinched the Golden Boot in dual World Cups. This achievement underscored the consistent excellence of these footballing nations.

Rare Sharing of Glory - 1999's Joint Triumph

The only instance of the shared award occurred in 1999 when Brazil's Sissi and China's Sun Wen showcased their prowess with seven goals. 

Sun's goals powered China to the final, where she even scored in the penalty shootout that followed a goalless match. Ultimately, the host United States emerged triumphant in that thrilling encounter.

Sissi: The Brazilian who defied a dictatorship to become a Women's World  Cup great | CNN


The Women's World Cup Golden Boot's history is rich with exceptional achievements, remarkable talents, and defining moments in soccer's beauty. 

From Akers' groundbreaking feat in 1991 to the shared glory of 1999 and Rapinoe's recent triumph, the Golden Boot continues to symbolize the excellence and passion of women's soccer on the global stage.


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Q1: Who won the Golden Boot in the 2023 Women's World Cup?

Hinata Miyazawa from Japan clinched the Golden Boot award for being the tournament's top goal scorer with five goals.

Q2: How were tiebreakers used to determine the Golden Boot winner?

Tiebreakers were used if multiple players had the same number of goals. These tiebreakers considered assists, total minutes played, and goals-per-minute ratio.

Q3: What are the criteria for the Golden Boot award?

The Golden Boot is awarded to the player with the most goals. If tied, assists, playing time, and goals-per-minute ratio determine the winner.

Q4: Can goals from penalty shootouts count towards the Golden Boot?

No, goals scored during penalty shootouts are not included in the Golden Boot tally.


The 2023 Women's World Cup provided a stage for remarkable achievements, with Hinata Miyazawa emerging as the standout goal scorer. The competition's top players showcased their skills and teamwork, delivering an unforgettable experience for fans. 

Amidst celebrating the triumphant Golden Boot winner and standout athletes, the Women's World Cup is proof of women's soccer's worldwide rise. TotalSportek offers a seamless stream of matches, ensuring the excitement continues long after the final whistle.