UFC Vegas 76: Top 6 Fights You Must Watch 

UFC Vegas 76: Top 6 Fights You Must Watch 

The UFC Vegas 76 fight card had many matches on the list. Some of them were: Strickland vs. Magomedov, Ismael vs. Benoit, Max vs. Michael, Grant Dawson vs. Damir Ismagulov, Melissa Gatto vs. A.Lipski, and Ferreira vs. Nursulton Ruziboev.

The top 6 UFC Vegas 76 fight cards had the following fighting that you must watch:

  • Abus Magomedov vs. Sean Strickland
  • Brunno Ferreira vs. Nursulton Ruziboev
  • Ismael Bonfim vs. Benoit Saint-Denis
  • Max Griffin vs. Michael Morales
  • Grant Dawson vs. Damir Ismagulov
  • Melissa Gatto vs. Ariane Lipski

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Top 6 Must-Watch Fights of the UFC Vegas 76 Fight Card

Abus Magomedov vs. Sean Strickland

This match had two rounds, and Sean defeated Abus by punches towards the end of the second round. In round 1, Magomedov begins by kicking. A combination of all possible counters fails. Shortly later, Strickland attacks with a finger to the eye. After taking a 3-minute break, he gets back to action, and Magomedov starts kicking constantly, with more aggression. A while later, front kicks land, and punches get missed. Strickland receives a body punch and is pushed back hard. Magomedov reaches to the back and hits Strickland behind his head, knocking him to the ground.  Strickland strikes, and Magomedov hits low kicks. Ultimately, Magomedov makes a counterattack and wins the round by 10-9.

Sean Strickland vs. Abus Magomedov full fight video highlights - MMA  Fighting

source - https://www.mmafighting.com/2023/7/1/23781512/sean-strickland-vs-abus-magomedov-full-fight-video-highlights-ufc-vegas-76

In round 2, Strickland scores a 1-1-2 and starts attacking. By now, both players were extremely exhausted. Different combinations of hits were lined up one after the other.  Magomedov tried retaliating, however, he was unable to do so.  Strickland took advantage of this situation and moved methodically.

Toward the end,  Magomedov gets hit hard on the body, and Strickland stacked frequent punches against the fence. Eventually, Magomedov steps back and stops fighting. 

The final result was Strickland defeated Magomedov.

Grant Dawson vs. Damir Ismagulov

This match of the UFC Vegas 76 fight card went up to 3 rounds. The first round ended with a score of 10-8 and Dawson as the winner. Ismagulov got onto a strong start. A minute later, Dawson launches a low punch that he finishes at the top. He hits one hook in, and two minutes later, he strikes again after making a triangle with his elbow. Ismagulov performs well but not enough to beat Dawson. In the last minute, Dawson landed some powerful blows. With his shots getting better, he won the 1st  round.

UFC on ESPN 47 results: Grant Dawson dominates Damir Ismagulov

source - https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2023/07/ufc-on-espn-47-results-grant-dawson-vs-damir-ismagulov-dominates

In round 2, both players trade hits simultaneously, and neither succeeds. Dawson carries Ismagulov away from the fence and hits him hard with his right hand. All this happened in the 1st minute. Both players are then finding a way for RNC (rear-naked choke). Although Ismagulov has a strong defense, he cannot eliminate Dawson. With 2 minutes left and superb control in the ring, the round ends in the same place. The score was 10-9, as Dawson caused minor damage only.

In round 3, Ismagulov is knocked down to the mat. Dawson strikes with a body triangle already locked in. The referee demands more action from Ismagulov, but he cannot do so, and Dawson has the entire control. By the time Ismagulov makes a move, the time is up, and Dawson wins the match by 10-9.

Max Griffin vs. Michael Morales

This UFC Vegas 76 fight card match starts with Griffin delivering low kicks and avoiding 1-1-2. None of them delivered a crisp strike. A verbal duel began, and straight to the body, Giffin was hit. He then strikes a three-piece, and Morales's knee kick hits him in the cup. 

He then gets up and plans a robust strategy before attacking. Morales plays a strong defense and separates from Griffin at the last minute. Both swing hard, and Griffin makes a strong cut to the right, defeating Morales. The score was 10-9, Griffin. 

The second round starts, and both continue with a series of attacks. This time Morales takes the lead. Both trade uppercuts, and Morales wins this round by 10-9.

In the final round, they hit low kicks and Superman punches. One stiff hit by Morales in the last minute, and Griffin gets thrown to the side. Finally, Morales defeats Griffin by 10-9 with a unanimous decision.

Melissa Gatto vs. Ariane Lipski

Lipski takes the lead in round 1. Gatto attempts a straight punch shot, and Lipski goes in for a low kick. Gatto clunches. Lipski is a step behind, so by the time she tosses a hit, Gatto is beyond reach. With many kicks and rapid straight strokes, Gatto wins this round with a score of 10-9.

UFC Vegas 76: Ariane Lipski Edges Melissa Gatto, Wins Split Decision

source - https://cagesidepress.com/2023/07/01/ufc-vegas-76-ariane-lipski-vs-melissa-gatto/

Round 2 starts. Lipski, this time planned a strong combination of hits, however, she was still unable to reduce the distance. In the first minute, Gatto throws Lipski to the fence and kicks her in the body. Lipski tries to defend herself, but Gatto immediately takes control and knocks her down. Gatto: 10-9.

In the final round, Lipski ultimately takes the lead and defeats Gatto by a split decision.

Benoit Saint-Denis vs. Ismael Bonfim 

This UFC Vegas 76 fight card event is an interesting one. Here, Bonfim is defeated by Benoit Saint-Denis with an RNC (rear-naked choke). Saint-Denis hits him in the body, and Bonfim swings his right hand to escape. Although this defense was good, Saint-Denis dodged it and defeated the opponent against the fence. Bonfim takes several body shots and quickly shifts to the top position. He defends himself with hard elbow hits. 

UFC Vegas 76: Benoit Saint-Denis Steals Hype, Submits Ismael Bonfim

source - https://cagesidepress.com/2023/07/01/ufc-vegas-76-benoit-saint-denis-steals-hype-chokes-out-ismael-bonfim/

He secures the headlock before attacking Saint-Denis with the knee as he rises. Saint-Denis strikes again with a body kick as he switches levels and looks for a takedown. He then reaches to the back and knocks Bonfim to the ground. He forms the body triangle with just one minute to go and forces Bonfim to tap.

Brunno Ferreira vs. Nursulton Ruziboev

Both players deliver low kicks at the beginning of this UFC Vegas 76 fight card main match. Ferreira misses the first kick, and after a minute of low kick exchange, Ruziboev strikes with a missile-like power and knocks Ferreira straight to the ground. Ruziboev wins in his UFC debut with several more punches, landing Ferreira on the mat.

UFC on ESPN 47- Brunno Ferreira vs Nursulton Ruziboev | MMA Junkie

source - https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/ufc-on-espn-47-brunno-ferreira-vs-nursulton-ruziboev


What time is the UFC Vegas 76 fight card starting?

UFC Vegas 76 fight card started on 1st July 2023. It is a 5 round event, with the first match between Sean Strickland vs. Abus Magomedov. If you wish to stream it online for free, check out our homepage section.

Where can you watch UFC Vegas 76 fight card?

You can stream the match online on ESPN for a paid version. However, if you wish to watch it for free, check out this amazing platform TotalSportek 

What is the cost of UFC Vegas 76 fight card tickets?

The UFC Vegas 76 fight card tickets cost between $300 and $8000, with the former being the lowest and the latter the highest.

Why do most matches happen in Vegas?

The crowd and audience that finds boxing and other such championships entertaining are mostly people who like to gamble. This is why most matches take place in Vegas.


All the above matches were unique in their way. Be it the fan following or excellent gameplay; people enjoyed it thoroughly. With many more such fights, why miss even a simple hit?